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FOH PA – 22,000 watt quad-amped Yorkville 16 box

            8 TX-8s (two 15”, one 8” and one 2”) tri-amped top

            8 LS-1004s (double 18”) Sub

            powered by Crest pro and CA series amps


FOH Mix position – Crest HP-8 (40 channel)

            Ashley GQX-3102 EQ and DBX 266XL Comp on FOH Mix

            TC Electronics D2 Tap delay

            TC Electronics M one XL Reverb unit

            Yamaha SPX-1000 Reverb unit

            Digitech S200 Reverb unit

            10 channels of insertable DBX 166XL comp

            4 Channels insertable DBX 1074 gate

            CD player / Tuner


Mon –    32 channel, 8 mix with Allen & Heath GL-4 board and Ashley GQX-3102 eq’s

            Wedges are Yorkville EM-508s (15” and 2”) 550 watt per box.  Amps are Crest CA series I

        have a Yamaha club series single 18” sub that I can put  on the drum mix.


Mikes – Input devices – Mikes are Shure SM-58s, Shure SM-57s, AKG D-112, and I have several AT

            mikes as well.  DI’s are Horizon.  I have plenty of quads and other basics.  For stands I

            have booms and straights with round bases or tripods.


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Last modified: 06/26/05